Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I don't know what it is about expecting a girl, but girly-girl things have invaded my thoughts. I was shopping the other day, and saw the cutest pettiskirt I've ever seen, but the price tag blew me away. They wanted almost $110 for one to fit a little baby. SERIOUSLY?? So, naturally, I got the supplies together to make my own, and I am in love.

So, coming just as soon as I've completed all my outstanding bedding orders, awesome pettiskirts starting at $55.

My thoughts for the day, include coming up with sports team themed skirts. We are a hockey-crazy family, and have every size of kids' jersey available. I love the idea of dressing up our baby girl in her infant jersey, but I want to add a little girliness to it. Custom team colored pettis!!

Here are just a few color combos to get us started, I have a dozen other combinations done, but need to get started on my day!:

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