March 13 Check-In

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hello :)

The last of my open orders are going out this week. I hope, if you've got an order still in the works you're not too frustrated with us. I've been trying to get as much help with the sewing as possible, but it's taking a little longer (okay, a lot longer) than it usually does, because I can't get out of the house to go check on progress.

Everything is going out this week, because I'm going in to the hospital on Friday again, and won't be back until our Princess is here. She's only been in there for 26w5d, so every day I can keep her in is a blessing.

I miss sewing like you wouldn't believe. Since I haven't been able to do it in weeks, I have been really thinking about life after Ellie is here, and I think I will reopen SusieCues completely. I really love making all that bedding <3

Will still be moving forward with the pettiskirts as well, so we'll just have more for you to choose from.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. Wishing all those of you that are expecting, a healthy and happy FULL TERM pregnancy,

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