Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm really excited, my blog is getting a total overhaul! I met a lady on Etsy who does AMAZING blog design work, and we agreed on a trade (bedding for new blog) I had NO idea what blog's could be, so the change is going to be quite startling.

Also in the works, I've talked to a production seamstress in Vancouver, who might be able to help me with my sewing, so that I have more time for Jake, and designing sets, working on merchandising and packaging. Everything will still be handmade, just not all by me!

I really would like my house back! I don't think I would stop sewing completely (although my wrists are brutually painful from overuse, and repitition) but to give the majority up would be great, and I can focus on the part I realllly like!

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