Back to the Real World

Friday, February 19, 2010

After 15 months out of the work force, I'm back in, albeit part time. I really didn't think I would like going back, but it really helps that I have a wicked job, and I am always in a new place, seeing new things, every work day.
My boss is great for scheduling me around the hubby's days off and on days where the grandparents can look after Jake, too.

Been doing lots of sewing of late. Working on a few custom fitted sheet sets, a whole "big-kid" bedroom set, and also designing and creating some really great 0-6mo baby gowns. Lots on the go!

I'm ready for the Olympics to be over, and for life to return to normal. I wish my hubby had a boring job! Instead, he's worked every day since almost a week before the O games started! Yuck.

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