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Monday, February 8, 2010

I was at the fabric store the other day, and had a very specific "must-only-buy-these-items" list. Well, I couldn't help myself when I saw this awesome, punk rock, black and white skulls fabric. I didn't need it, but I HAAAAD to buy it.

Got home, and figured I should do something with it, so I made these:

I totally loved them, and showed the hubby, who suggested I try to sell them on Etsy. I posted them, and within half an hour, they sold! Go figure. They're awesome!

So, I made a bunch more, out of fabric scraps that were too small to donate, and not big enough to do anything too exciting with. Ended up with these :

So, we'll see what happens with those. They're super fun to make, although they are a little finicky.

Had a lot of recent interest in my custom bedding, which is always a bonus!

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