"Quit Your Day Job"

Thursday, May 20, 2010

For as long as I've been on Etsy, they've been running a blog feature called "Quit Your Day Job". When I started selling my goods, I would read the articles, and laugh, and say "There's no way I'll ever be able to do that".

Well, the other day I gave my notice. I only have five more shifts that may or may not involve me getting my butt kicked. I REALLY like the people I work with, so much, but we don't work together regularly, and when it comes down to it, my safety is worth more than what I was making on an hourly basis. LPO's take a lot of shit for what they're paid. Sigh, I hope I can keep up the contacts I've made there, I met some fantastic people. It got to be too much, with Jay getting set to go back to work this week, my parents moving away and constant sewing... The plan now is to devote myself completely to SusieCues and my boys! And hopefully have enough time for friends and fun, and less stress with time management.

I made my 60th sale today. Pretty excited about that! 55 sales since January 5th, which is pretty good for a relatively new seller. The best part is that the majority have come in the last couple months, and have been substantial, "I can live off this" type of sales. Good times.

I had a lunch date with my dad the other day (have to get them in while I can!) and we talked all about setting up a legitimate company, getting a bookkeeper, and all sorts of business stuff. My dad is really smart. I'm glad that he's willing to share his hard earned knowledge with me, even if he thinks I'm crazy for going full bore with this plan.

I don't know what we'll do if sales slow down, or if people all of a sudden decide not to buy from me anymore, but we'll deal with that when we get to it.

With my new availability, I was able to sign up for almost all the dates at the Steveston Farmers and Artisans Summer Market! I have nine dates lined up there, where I'll have the easy-to-sell things, like crib sheets and changing pad covers available, and lots of examples of what I can do for custom work. It would be delightful being able to fill local orders! I even bought myself a 10x10 tent!

Crazy. Life is crazy!

But life is also great.

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