It's Market Day!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wow, it's beautiful outside, it's hot and absolutely the best weather we could ask for on this fundraising market day!

I have everything ready, all set up in my kitchen waiting to be piled into the van! I even splurged and bought some fabric to make a table cloth for my main display table. It's white satin with white and teal tulle around the outside. Jake walked by it and did a double take saying "Dats NIIIIIIIICE, niiiiiice, oooooh". :D So cute.

I have three toddler bedding sets that I'm looking to part with (take up too much space), so they're going to be clearance priced. I have a bunch of blankets, leg warmers, crib sheets, a couple pairs of Little Shoes, and the dresses! Still have to figure out how to lay everything out, but my lovely mother-in-law gave me a mini bolt of tulle which I think I'll use to hang the dresses up front, and some of the blankets along the sides. I'm also so lucky to have someone lending me a couple extra 6ft tables, so I will have space to lay it all out properly without being too crowded.

I'm going to bring my camera with me this time, so you can see what the booth looks like all put together!

The only thing left is to decide what to wear so that I don't melt in the heat!!

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